Saturday, December 13, 2008

Who Taught Miley Cyrus How to Drive?

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus has turned 16, but how did she make time to take driving lessons?
—Sherie, Calabasas, Calif.
If you're asking whether Miley Cyrus made a surprise appearance at Calabasas High School to dazzle the drivers ed class with her wig collection while picking up tips on doing three-point turns in her new Porsche, the answer is no.
She used a private driving teacher—who takes you around in a car with two sets of wheels and brakes, with a giant STUDENT DRIVER sign, all while strangers throw bananas at you.
Think I exaggerate? Oh, I do not...
In fact, just a month ago, Cyrus told Jay Leno that someone threw a banana at her student-driver car while she was trying to learn how to be a safe motorist.
"My test person scares me. He says, 'All right Miley, if you make a left turn, what's going to happen?' And I am like, 'I don't really know.' And he goes, 'THUMP. That's what going to happen to your brand-new car.' He just starts hitting things, and it really scared me.
"I already had a big Student Driver sign over my head, and someone threw a banana at me."
As for the rest of the teen-star pantheon, I contacted about a half-dozen on-set tutors—the teachers who educate child actors. They said that on occasion, a child actor will pop into his or her regular high school and take drivers ed courses there, but only if the actor is on hiatus or between projects. Otherwise they call those driving schools, just like everyone else.
No word if they require special licenses for banana dodging.


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