Saturday, December 13, 2008

Khloe "Lurch" Kardashian Gets Naked For PETA

It is simply amazing what these photogs can achieve with the proper lighting, angles, make-up artists and an army or airbrushers and photoshoppers -- they've made Lurch - you know from the old "Adams Family" TV show and movies look - well, sexy. Really sexy actually. Who would've thunk it possible? I mean, the dude could play a mean harpsicord but I had no idea he had such a firm ass - and well, boobs... oh wait... hang on a sec - there's something coming in over the wire... this is not Lurch... this is the "ugly" Kardashian sister... Khloe... stop. Whaaaaat? That tall monster of a girl that usually gets cropped out of pictures when standing beside the ass-tastic Kimmy and slinky Kourtney? Wow. That's nearly as impressive a feat making her look this good. Well done photog! Enjoy the Kardashian nudity - Cheers.


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