Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jennifer Aniston's Plastic Nipples

Jennifer Aniston
Hollywood beauty Jennifer Aniston has bared all for the latest edition of GQ magazine. And now the former "Friends" star is rumored to have plastic nipples to help achieve her trademark perkiness.

According to a report in the December 22 issue of Star magazine, the ex-wife of actor Brad Pitt is a huge fan of "pokies", plastic nipples that slide beneath a bra. "Jennifer loves these things, because they really make the most of her assets when she's wearing a tight top," reports Star.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston has defended her nude pictures for the January 2009 issue of GQ. The 39-year-old actress, who poses in nothing but a necktie on the cover of the magazine, told reporters that she wasn't trying to prove anything by stripping off in the mag. "I wasn't trying to make any statement," she said.

And her on-off boyfriend John Mayer also has no problem about it. "I mean, if I have a problem with that cover, I should just get the hell out of here," he told reporters. "I'm just gonna get ready to put my knuckles in the air for it." But the singer refused when asked to touch the magazine, saying "No, don't make me hold it - you're pimping me out!"


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