Saturday, December 13, 2008

'Stylista' Strangely Flat Without Kate

Yes, I kind of intended that pun. Sue me. Anyway, I couldn't believe how boring "Stylista" was without Crazy Katie there to get everyone all riled up. People worked together like adults, and no one cried or overshared and it was...boring. Soooo boring. I almost fell asleep. Actually, yes, my eyes did close for a few minutes.

There were some highlights, though:

- Megan giving Johanna a come to Jesus talk about not being mean to designers right before their runway shows.

- Anne Slowey claiming she single-handedly discovered Zac Posen.

- Dyshaun's surprisingly cool Victorian Prostitute hair and make-up.

- Anne Slowey freaking out because Ashlie included 18!?!! pictures in her fashion layout. And we're blaming Ashlie and not Dyshaun because....who knows? The snarky gay kid stays in the picture, I guess.

Next week is the finale. After all the ups and downs, I guess I'm rooting for Megan. Sure, she's an evil, evil girl but at least she's not a neurotic handwringer or a "saucy" back-stabber. Nope, she'll be mean to you right to your face. Plus she consistently wears nice clothes which makes me think she knows more about fashion than either of the other two. Grad school beige and winter hats in summer are not cutting edge.


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