Saturday, December 13, 2008

Carmen Electra Gets Naked-y For Playboy... Again

Carmen Electra God Bless Playboy! What would we do without it? I mean, for what - 55 years now - Hugh has been delivering the goods -- well the goodies actually -- of incredible girls next door - but more importantly - the celebrity babes. Sure, I know Carmen became a celebrity as a result of her initial Playboy nudity - but she's a bonafide celebrity now and here she is getting all naked-y once more! Carmen sure has a big and bouncy pair oh so barely covered up there by that damn rabbit logo... how I wish I was the guy who got to put that thing on her... wonder how much he has to pay Playboy to let him be the one who gets to do it? What's that you say -- they pay him? Get outta here! Seriously? Wow. I need to get that job - gonna give Hef a call this aft -- enjoy the Carmen, Cheers.
Carmen Electra


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